Pet Poison Helpline

The Veterinary Information Network's website for the general public.

 This website is written and maintained by veterinarians and is a wealth of general information to  separate google fact from fiction.


VPI Pet Insurance

  Pet Insurance is a good investment to help defray serious medical costs over time

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Expert opinions on all kinds of creepy crawlies, inside & out!

American Veterinary Medical Associaltion

A valuable resource about pet ownership.

The New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association.

Traveling with your Pet?

Check out this website for up to date travel information.

Universal Pet Microchip Look-up Number



Are your Online Pet Orders coming from a reputable distributor?

See what the FDA has to say about it.


Caring Animal Partners

Ever wonder if your pet has what it takes to become a therapy dog?  This local organization is very active in certification of therapy pets.


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