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The very annoying servants – that is, highly-trained staff

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Dear Humans,

The very annoying servants – that is, highly-trained staff – here at the clinic have been reading my blogs and now they’re all whiny. “Lou, you know, it’s not all about you!” and “Lou, give us a break, write about something else!”

Reeeaaallly. We Lords of the Universe – that means Ruler of All, guys – especially of you guys – know what it’s all about, trust me. But we can also choose to be beneficent, given the right bribes – that is, the proper request. I’ll accept my requests in the form of tummy rubs, throat scritches, and a kiss or two on the special kiss-spot on top of my head. You know where it is. I’ll tell you when to stop.

OK, what minor topics would you like me to write about? I asked them. Most of them just cowered, but Mona, who gets kinda uppity sometimes because she thinks she owns the place, said “Anything, Lou. How about the big beautiful world? How about your friends? Figure it out, Dude!”

So, all right. But I’m going to do this as a pictorial essay, so check out my Wicked Fine Photo Gallery. One of the servants – that is, staff – left their cell phone lying about the other day, and I was playing with it at night – yes, I put it into my secret hidey hole when she wasn’t looking so I could take my time exploring it after they’d gone home to sleep – and discovered that if I whack it just right, not only can I take a selfie, but I can take pictures of other things.

Just for you, Mona. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

Keeping the Servants Happy,



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