• Lou


Dear Humans, The sun was shining. There was a wicked nice warm patch of it in my castle – uh, that is, the clinic here. I kind of wallowed in it. I rolled, I sighed, I purred. Oh, it’s been such a long time since I could stretch out so happily and bask in the sunshine!

I noticed that whenever the outside door opened, it smelled like – like – like something wonderful! Even all the critters coming into the office had a scent of that something wonderful in their fur, even the big, brown UPS guy who brings me boxes to play in. All the nice ladies were smiling a little, and even Ms. Bossy Pants and The Enforcer had a whiff of sun about them when they first arrived in the morning.

Even the dogs who came in, big smelly noisy beasts that they are, had a delicious little extra fragrance about them and an extra bounce in their paws. The New Guy, on the other hand, just smelled like dogs.

Dog people are like that.

What was this delicious scent wandering about my domain? It was familiar, but it’s been soooo long! I finally got up on the desk, whacked some of The Enforcer’s tools out of the way, and checked the calendar – voila! (I learned that word from eaves-dropping on a French Bulldog who spent the night here, who kept muttering to himself all night long. I learned a few other words, too, but Ms. Bossy Pants says I can’t use them in company.) It’s Spring! Spring, spring, spring! The time when outdoors mousies surface, catnip grows, sun warms, happy faces are abundant! Even the goofy dogs are happy! Whoo-hoo!

First chance I got, I slipped out of my castle, sliding out the door between the legs of a person hauling a captive cat in a big box. “Careful, buddy,” that cat hissed, as I turned invisible and whispered past.

“You’re in for a surprise!”

Ha! What did he know? I ignored him.

Outside, the air was full of sun, and the smell of damp earth. The walkway was warm under my feet. I lifted my handsome pink nose and sniffed deeply, filling my lungs with not-Winter air. Glorious!

And then I stepped off the walkway. Directly into a pile of wet, sloppy, cold snow! Arrgh! I jumped, and landed in a deeper pile. I ran. My light and happy mood was getting darker. And so was the sky! What happened to the sun? Suddenly it wasn’t bright and warm, it was suddenly cold and windy and- OMG – snow was coming down out of the sky, onto my head! I shouted:”Hey, Humans, turn up the outdoors thermostat and shut off the sleet! Can’t you see I’m out here?? I’m getting very unhappy!”

Hard to believe, but they ignored me. I don’t get it – they don’t like the wet cold stuff any better than I do, so why don’t they just leave the thermostat up out here? I’ll never understand humans! Worse than that, they didn’t let me in, either.

I hunkered down near the door and waited. Soon a human with a captive dog on a leash headed for the door. I got ready and – Just as I was about to spring inside, a giant, cold, wet blow of wind slammed the door shut and ran right into my back end!

Fortunately, the dog person saw me and opened the door again. I ran inside, straight to my bed, and beat up a few toys to express my indignation, then settled down to lick my paws and calm down. But what’s that? Oh, yuck, it’s mud! Mud on my leg, on my beautiful white sleek and handsome Self! Oh, no,

I got some in my bed!

Humans! Humans! Quick, bring cleaning cloths! And Greenies and catnip, I’m having a trauma here!

Quickly, quickly! I need bad mood health care! Tout suite! (That’s another word I learned from the French dog.)

They’re ignoring me. That’s ok, one of my fans is sure to show up sometime soon, with gifts and rubs. In the meantime, I’m just going to ignore my servants – uh, that is, the highly-trained professional staff here.

I’m not going outside again until it’s Summer. Take my word for it, you shouldn’t either. You never know what’s going to fall out of the sky this time of year.




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