• Lou

Catnip Haven Part 2

Dear Humans,

Since I’ve returned from my long, out of body vacation, where I became a catyogi meditation adept, I’ve discovered I have some mysterious powers that I enjoy very much.

My favorite is invisibility. Even before I became one with catnip haven, I was pretty good at getting out of the office into the great outdoors when I really wanted to. Doors are something that we superior beings master fairly early on: if you stare at one long enough, it will open for you. Sometimes the magic words “meow yeow” can speed things up, but mostly I preferred to use my focused willpower. My servants – uh, that is, the staff at the office - made me a pretty nifty lanai, a few years back, so I could sort of be outside - but really, lanai’s are so yesterday, you know?

There’s so much more going on beyond the walls, including some very excellent sandy gravel to take a roll in. I’d gotten pretty good at sneaking out whenever a human opened the right door, but since I’ve become a more Purrfected Purrson, I can make myself invisible and slip out without any human noticing. Are you leaving with your dog? I can make myself look like its leg, so you never see me go out the door with you. Are you taking out a cat carrier? I’m that almost invisible shadow that you don’t really notice sliding by next to your ankle. I only take on my extraordinarily handsome white-furred visible self again once I’m out in the World of Tasty Mousies.

Another mystical power I’ve acquired is that of healing human hissy fits. If one of my human servants gets all a-fluff because of some imagined snub I’ve given her – I mean, really, if they insist on re-arranging my favorite things, they shouldn’t be surprised if I take myself out of their presence for some well-deserved comfort grooming – all I need to do to put things right is hop up on their laps and pat them on the heart button. The tapping of the heart button is a carefully-kept secret that adept yogcatinis learn during deep meditation. A tap or two on a human heart button is usually sufficient to turn human pouting into happy treat giving! Yes! I love spreading joy!

Since the humans remembered to turn off the Cold Wet switch and turn on the Warm Sunny switch, I plan to use my invisible powers more often. So don’t be surprised when you come to the office and see me in my lounging basket one moment, and out in the Wild Wonderfulness the next!

Fair warning!



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