• Lou

Catnip Haven

Dear Humans,

Lou here. It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so I want to fill you in on what I’ve been doing.

First, I decided to take a break from social media, because, well, my servants – that is, the staff around here – changed my pussword and wouldn’t tell me what the new one was. So I decided to embark on a course of meditation because, honestly, any excuse to stay still with eyes shut?

Anyway, I was deeply involved in a meditation about mousie on toast one day, in a new and most wonderful box, when I suddenly discovered I could be in two places at once! Seriously! There I was, the one of me curled comfortably in catasana position in the new box, and the other of me was suddenly in Catnip Haven. Catnip Haven, it turns out, is a place that cat yogi adepts can visit to soothe their fluffs when the world of ill-trained human servants and barking dogs becomes just too, too much. I found my second self lingering there, while my other self took care of the body, rising to eat and accept lovies from the humans to keep the body healthy (and the humans clueless), while my inner cat became soothed and more purrfect and eventually, I’ve emerged as a Lord of the Universe, able to have out of body experiences at will.

So while you, poor lowly humans and your dogs, spent this nasty winter battling snow and cold and wind, the Higher Me spent most of my time on a warm, white-sand beach, waited on by lesser beings who would bring treats at my merest thought.

Why am I back blogging? Well, two reasons. First, my human servants accidentally left the pussword written down where my corporal body could find it, so now I have access to the digital world, again. And second, they took away my meditation box – some sort of nonsense about it being too grunged up to keep. There was something special about that box…

Now it’s gone, I’ve got to discover another perfect meditation spot. And in the meantime, it looks like I’d better put some time into straightening you humans out before you make a bigger mess of things than you have already! Besides, all I need to do now to visit Catnip Haven is shut my eyes and purrrrrrr…

Bring treats! My Magnificence requires earthly delights! And when is Spring due to arrive, anyway? Remove all this cold white stuff, immediately!

Peering down my nose at you lower beings,


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